About Michelle Strain MUA

Iam a professional session makeup artist based in the UK. I specialise in creative excellence for runway, photo sessions & music videos. Whether you are looking for glamour the chic elegance of high-end couture,  I endeavor to create a look worthy of a glossy front page.

My mission is to bring you completely into my creative world and for you to see the beauty I bring to life as a professional makeup artist. I’m based close to London and travel across the UK and other international destinations. I have been an  MUA and keyed shows on the fashion week circuit in all major cities including, London, Paris, New York, Florence, Milan, Tokyo.

My Journey

I undertook my latter-day professional training at AOFM School of makeup in London. I initially went into the beauty industry straight out of school where I qualified as a Beauty Therapist. I transitioned from this role after deciding to follow my dreams to work as a full-time makeup artist in the world of high-end & coture fashion.

Michelle Strain

My World of Makeup Artistry

Give me an exciting new challenge within the sphere of being a makeup artist and I thrive. It excites me and brings out the best and sometimes most inventive aspects of my creativity. To me, being a makeup artist is a form of expression, it is art, but my canvas is warm, responsive, and smiles. Not like a lump of clay or a white stretched cloth on a frame. I have a passion for expressive colour, I love the emotion that light and shade bring to the elements of the face. For me, this is the oxygen that fuels my creative world.

Travel & Work Are My Passion

The world of fashion has given me so many exciting opportunities to travel to some of the most beautiful and crazy cities in the world. I have met some fantastic people and made wonderful friendships, and got to meet some of my heroes. These opportunities didn’t come easy! Like any aspiring makeup artist, I had to work hard, be on time, be disciplined when surrounded by beautiful distractions, I had to learn my craft and I had to deliver some outstanding work under pressure. And that’s what has shaped me into the makeup artist I am today. Still passionate, still loving the challenge, and god willing, ( and I speak for all of us here) able to get back to the traveling circus of the international fashion week circuit.

It's All About Love...

And finally, the biggest loves in life… My 3 Pomeranian & Lhasa Apso dogs and my wonderful MUA & fashion world family.
I have been very fortunate to have been surrounded by fabulous people in my work as a professional makeup artist.
They have been my inspiration and partners on some amazing sessions & shows and in a little mischief along the way (you know who you are C.A.).

Hire Me

If you would like to discuss hiring me as an MUA or Key MUA for a runway show, photoshoot, or video and film makeup, please send me a message by clicking the button below. I am also open to discussing sponsorship and representing ethical cosmetic products & brands. Be sure to outline your session brief, the location, and the dates. Or you can contact me directly on Whatsapp! Just click the badge below and your Whatsapp will connect with mine.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Email me direct at: makeup@michellestrain.co.uk

Clients & Collaborators

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